Which Bitcoin conferences should you attend?

Theme-based conferences help participants to learn more about that topic. If you are a Bitcoin investor, programmer, finance analyst, or technology enthusiast, attending a Bitcoin conference will give you recent facts about Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

At that conference, you will discover unique ways of using Bitcoin technology in different areas such as finance, e-commerce, cybersecurity, and more. We have collected a list of invaluable global bitcoin conferences with details to enable you to choose which one meets your goals to enable you to attend. 

Futurist Conference

bitcoin conference

This conference features over 99 excellent presenters, industry professionals, and influential-leaders. The futurist conference will center on blockchain and Bitcoin, innovation, non-fungible tokens, multiverse, decentralized finance, and so on. Those that can attend include technology providers and enthusiasts, investors and Start-Ups, telecom providers, and developers.

During the conference, there will be seminars, networking, listening to experts, and chances to volunteer. You can attend more than fifty seminars at the event. Similarly, you could listen to new innovative companies, and meet with the best companies in the Industry. Untraceable Events, the organizer of the conference, has been among the foremost cryptocurrency and blockchain conference organizers in Canada since 2013.

  • Place: Toronto, Canada
  • Date: August 9 - 10, 2022
  • Website Address: https://www.futuristconference.com/
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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Sustainable Energy: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference is a virtual event. It features Industry leaders, researchers, and educational professionals. The main goal of organizing this event is to find a place for exploring blockchain and cryptocurrency problems.

Those that can attend include IT directors, Order Execution Management Systems operators, automotive makers, technology providers and enthusiasts, Investors and Start-Ups, Telecom Providers, and Developers. There will be key presentations and discussions. Blockchain finance firms and cryptocurrency companies will share their business’s effects on the global community.

  • Place: Online
  • Date: August 1 - 3, 2022
  • Website Address: https://www.sebccon.com/
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Blockchain and Internet of Things Conference

This event is will discuss the most recent innovation in the Blockchain and Internet of Things fields. Participants include key industry leaders in the educational and technology professions, Scientists, finance professionals, and administrators.

There will be technical presentations and networking. Attendees will share knowledge and discuss ways for collaboration to advance both fields. Those that can attend include heads of Technology startups, technology providers and enthusiasts, investors, and Telecom Providers and Developers.

  • Place: Tokyo, Japan
  • Date: July 8 - 10, 2022
  • Website Address: http://www.biotc.net/
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European Blockchain Convention 2022

At this conference, you will listen to discussions and lectures from over 100 discussants and more than 30 speakers. At the European Blockchain Convention 2022, presentations will revolve around Cryptocurrency business and Non-Fungible Tokens plus Masterclasses. Participants include top global companies in different industries like finance providers, computer programmers, and business enterprise managers.

Over 1000 people are expected to attend the conference including Order Execution Management Systems operators, Technology Startups, technology enthusiasts, Telecom Providers, investors, and developers.

Blockchain Revolution Global

The Blockchain revolution global conference will explore how Blockchain technology is being used for trade and other areas. There will be updates on the widely used bitcoin digital currency, and how Fintech ventures are changing access to finance worldwide.

The conference features case studies, expert presentations, knowledge-sharing sessions, and company highlights. Likewise, there will be discussions on investment, programming, information sharing, and Fintech. Those to attend include IT and technology managers, developers, Telecomms business providers as well as technology enthusiasts. 

  • Place: Toronto, Canada
  • Date: November 8 - 9 2022
  • Website Address: https://blockchainrevolutionglobal.com/
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